‘Electronic & Experimental Music,’ written by Thom Holmes, originally exists as a textbook. A chapter of this textbook was redesigned as a newsprint booklet, and a website for both desktop and mobile. The existence of the textbook on varying mediums improves a student’s experience with the content, as it allows them to read and learn fluidly across different devices.

FALL 2017


ABOVE—the illustrated falling discs that introduce the reading experience appear as though they are in motion when scrolled past. This functions like a digital flip book where scrolling animates a series of frames, rather than rapid page turning. This technique reflects the low-fidelity nature of the newsprint booklets, and engages users with a minimal load time.

Swathes of black gradating from white on the website make the reading experience more dynamic, and help in creating breaks within large segments of information. This visual language also manifests in print, as vertical dissolving gradients appearing along the spine of every spread.

ABOVE—animated mobile transitions.  
BELOW—working mobile protoype.

ABOVE—mobile web specifications for diagrams and tables.
BELOW—mobile web specifications for head, footer, and title modules.