As part of my application to the RISD Design Guild, I designed a hypothetical theme for RISD’s annual Artist Ball event. The proposed theme, ‘Cloud Nine,’ represents a storage space as well as a euphoric space.

A few months after, as part of the Guild, I created the official video for RISD’s 2017 ‘Deep Sea Disco’ themed Artist Ball.

SPRING 2017 + FALL 2017

ABOVE—promotional video for hypothetical ‘Cloud Nine’ Artist Ball using found science visualization footage.
BELOW—poster and set of tickets for hypothetical ‘Cloud Nine’ Artist Ball.


ABOVE—official promotional video for RISD’s ‘Deep Sea Disco’ themed 2017 Artist Ball.

This  video was created to complement an established Artist Ball ‘Deep Sea Disco’ brand identity established with the Design Guild. View the full project here.