TravelSmart Thailand is a website, created for desktop and mobile devices, providing travelers with a resource to understand Thai customs and culture. The website aims to eliminate cultural misunderstandings, to benefit both travelers and locals. 
FALL 2017


Travelers visiting Thailand can act irresponsibly, or inappropriately, as a result of a lack of cultural awareness and understanding.

The extent to which travelers can act inappropriately can range from accidentally pointing at something (without knowing that this is considered rude in Thai culture), to acting crudely at religious sites (evident in the PHOTO ON THE LEFT, where two men expose their bare behinds at a templethis inevitably lead to their arrest.)


I found that existing resources for travelers regarding cultural awareness and responsibility only existed on several blogs, either written by locals, expat residents, or “well-informed” travelers. There is an excess of this information scattered across several sources, putting its reliability into question. 

RIGHT—existing blogs educating travelers on Thai travel etiquette.
LEFT—the ‘HISTORY & CULTURE’ section of the official Thai tourism website. 

The informational resource for travelers created by the Tourism Authority of Thailand is primarily focused on providing insight on places to visit and activities to partake in.

Information infleuncing a traveler’s behavior in Thailand is hard to access, and indirectly communicated. Users must first click on ‘WHAT’S GOING ON’ in the navigation bar, and then ‘ABOUT THAILAND’ to be redirected to a grid of modules representing various categories. Some of these categories are useful (such as HISTORY & CULTURE, RELIGION, and LANGUAGE), while others feel redundant (such as ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES, and TAT OFFICES).

Sections which are useful (e.g. HISTORY & CULTURE) present information regarding the topic in an objective and lengthy manner, failing to clearly inform users on how to travel responsibly and respectfully.